untitled for now - I know, so lame.

A lot keeps happening that I want to write about, but I haven't officially launched this blog because I can't seem to find/choose a title. So I guess I'll just leave it untitled for another week or so.

Some ideas I've kicked around are:

-everything in its right place
-tell me what you see
-the tourist
-traffic in the sky
-much farther to go
-pale in comparison
-mined like a diamond
-small words
-the thought that counts
-not worth comparing
-morning bells and whistles

The thing is, I love words so much. And meaning and tone and impact are very important to me, but it's resulted in me getting lost in a sea of letters and flavorless melodramatic sentiment. So I need YOUR help.

I have a lot to work through, and blogging is therapeutic. This thing needs to get rolling! So if you wouldn't mind helping out a little, please share some of your title-related thoughts or ideas by leaving a comment or emailing me at alexisy at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said…
I like Mined Like A Diamond, cos well, its cool.

As great as the Radiohead titles are, I'd leave them aside since its been done. Just my opinion.

When you've decided what yours is going to be called, I'd love a suggestion as to what to call mine if I ever renovate it and start taking it seriously....
Alexis said…
Thank you sir! Good point about the radiohead - time to move on :-)
Unknown said…
If I could have thought of even one of those ideas I would have been quite pleased with myself and not have given it another thought. Your problem is that you have too many good ideas, so the only solution now is to abandon them all to pick a bad idea, like "forgone intrusion" or "blog-gonnit" or "working girl" or "Adventures in Seattle" or "AlY's McBlog" or "Shake and Bake" or "The world according to God" or "untitled" or "under construction" or "work in regress" or "So much cooler than Portland" or "At least I don't eat poop" or "Cloaca Maxima" or "The Flying Circus" or "A day in the strife" or "Confessions of an ex-Crusader" or "nourisher of the stars" or "Puget resound" or "The view from Mt. Brainier" or "Determined that my life will not be like the end of the Mariner's 2007 season" or, oh, I suppose that's enough of that.
Tim & Sara said…
Jesse, did you make all of those up? :)

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