Getting my bearings.

Tonight I made my inaugural post-Croatia trip to Costco with my mom. It was pretty neat. Saw a great wall of beef jerky – you just can’t get that goodness in Rijeka, some cool books, an awesome electronic piano (which only increased my longing to start playing again), huge-a** cans of tuna, and a very large sausage labeled ‘Yard-O-Beef’. We didn’t buy one of those.

Also, I was surprised to see a particular variety of fruit I didn’t recognize. They were called pluots, and, convinced that genetic engineering had finally come to end us all, I marched straight to my computer as soon as we got home. Yes, Wikipedia does have all the answers. I guess they were invented in the '80s and these soft, sweet 75% plum/ 25% apricots have been available in stores for a little while. Who knew?

In other news, I’ve been working a lot and this weekend I am headed to the coast with the fam. See you back here on Monday!


Anonymous said…
Ehm ehm, I've been checking my inbox from time to time to find your mail and since nothing came in as of yet, I had to look up for you on the net. So if you think that being far away means you can hide from me, girl, you were wrong!!! Ha! Yesterday all my troubles seems so faaaaar awaaaay... Love ya, Iva
Tim & Sara said…
I just had a pluot this morning! It came in Organics to You, a local, organic, produce delivery service and it was delicious.

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