And Another Thing

I have more links to add. So if you consider yourself a friend and notice that I haven't linked you up yet, please don't consider it a personal slight. I'll get things tidied up around here soon enough.


Anonymous said…
AHHHH!!!! I feel personally slighted!

No, of course I don't :-)

But I'm glad you gave a heads up on the Croatia blog so I'll be able to switch over my RSS feed and the link on my website.
Matt said…
why the he** am I not on your links. In case you were wondering I said 'heck.'
Alexis said…
I am very sorry sir! Thank you for alerting me. It will be corrected post-vacation. And up above where I was talking about the tuna cans I was thinking arse, but clearly I am a bad speller because it looks like ars.
Jesse said…
So...welcome back to the states. I see that you have settled back down in the northwest again, but I have not yet heard of your future plans. Do you have any?

Oh, and thanks for linking me. I consider it an honor to be linked to you, given the high quality and general enjoyability of your writing.

Finally, I heard you came to Portland and got to hang out with Tim and Sara. He told me he would call me so that I could get to talk with you again face to face, but he never did. I forgive him, but...If you ever come back down to Portland, you should really let me know, so that we can talk. I love your stories, and it would be nice to hear some more about you as well.

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