Stream of Unconsciousness

Yesterday was a little rough at work. From the time I got there, things were busy and hectic. A long strip of wiring encased in rectangular plastic tubing had fallen off the wall/ceiling in the night and when I walked in, it stretched across the office like a fallen tree or police tape at a crime scene. I tried several times to reattach it to the wall using various methods and materials, to no avail. Additionally, The Boss has a close family member who is terminally ill, and their family had received some bad news, adding a layer of tension to a pre-existing ball of stress and nervous energy.

The phones kept ringing and distractions erupted continually. There were some important clients coming in for a meeting and everyone was bustling about and getting things ready. I was doing my best to go about my normal duties, as well as trying to learn to navigate the phone system and the various hold-transfer-voicemail-hang-up options therein. Somewhere in there I jammed the copy machine, and minutes before the clients arrived I moved a box, in the process knocking an expensive bottle of red wine to its dramatic demise on the tile floor. “Deep breath in, deep breath out. Repeat as necessary…” I kept telling myself.

My good friend Carolyn was in town in the middle of the day and wanted to meet me for a lunch/coffee break. I haven’t seen her since December and wanted to so badly, but I had to call and cancel. By 5:30 I realized all I’d had to ‘eat’ all day was a latte and a few crackers, which was…insufficient.

Finally I finished my work for the day and headed out to the company van that I was borrowing for the evening. Remembering that nobody else would be home that night, I decided to call my good friend Ashley, whose week-old son I still hadn’t met yet. Due to some weird dietary restrictions, it was decided that I would pick up some chicken and head over for a non-dairy/tomato/cabbage/fill-in-the-blank dinner. It should have taken me about 20-25 minutes to get to her house. Instead it took 1.5 hours. Many factors contributed: ridiculous traffic, tricky streets downtown that I don’t know very well yet, one grocery store that had run out of chicken, and the difficulty of maneuvering/changing lanes in the enormous molester-style work van. Anyway, at long last I did get to spend a very nice evening with Ashley and her two kiddos before driving home and collapsing into bed.

Today was much better. I ate lunch! And tonight I watched the Colbert Report with my mom- she didn’t like it- and brother and his girlfriend. Then I went to Target (oh, glory) and bought some soap and lotion and stuff. It was great. The End.


zoran said…
Just wanted to let you know you rock. And thanks for putting me on a friends list, if only you've done it without me having to make a threatening call...miss you.
Tim & Sara said…
Does your boss know that he's capitalized? What are you thinking about the last weekend in September? Did you get my email?
Alexis said…
I'm thinking let's do it - I emailed you back. And no, he doesn't know, but I'm guessing he would choose that himself if given the option.
Kneeshaw's said…
Just catching up on your blogs. It's so weird that you are there and I am here. I would pay some big bucks for just 1 hour in Target right now! And costco...I can't even think about it.

Sorry your day was tough. We're missing you here. Things are going well.
Anonymous said…
Why doesn't your mom like the Colbert Report. I've never even been in your stupidly huge country and I get the hilarity.
Alexis said…
I think she doesn't like it because Stephen Colbert can be a bit harsh and over the top. The humor is not beyond her, but she finds the pompous abrasiveness to be more annoying than amusing.
burek said…
that was an amazing explaination of why your mother doesn't like the Colbert Report.
hope you're doing well lexi, i don't see how it could be otherwise cosidering you got to drive a "molester-style" van.
Taylor said…
I thought grocers only ran out of chicken in Croatia?
I hope your days are getting a little less nuts! Love you!

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