Misadventures: The Stove

Several nights ago I was washing and steam-sterilizing bottles and breast pump components while Jesse got Miette ready for bed. We were watching an episode of "WKRP in Cincinatti" on Hulu, and after an hour and a half, the baby was finally asleep and ready to put down. I got up to take the final round of bottles, etc. off the stove and noticed that the pot seemed alarmingly more dry than usual. Over the next half-second I simultaneously 1) realized that all the water had evaporated; 2) saw that the plastic parts had started to melt and were destroyed; 3) smelled the burning plastic; and 4) ran some cold water in the pot. When the water hit the pan it predictably sizzled ferociously and smoke and steam came billowing up. The loud sound startled the baby and she promptly punched herself in the face and woke up crying. Just one more incident lending credence to the fact that I am a disaster in the kitchen. See also: That time with the potholder.


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