The Entertainers

Yesterday Jesse's fever briefly dipped below 100 degrees, giving him some extra energy. He got out a songbook and started playing through some old classics - Hey Jude, Puff the Magic Dragon, and most importantly, some of Elton John's masterpieces.

Now, the thing about Elton John is that he's a genius. While some may not welcome him with the respect and adoration due him, I think most of us can appreciate the gift that he is to the world. The other thing about Elton John is that he's coming to Portland - and he's bringing along one William Joel. Can you imagine? Tiny Dancer, Levon, Piano Man?! I haven't seen Baryshnikov perform live, I missed out on Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan retired, but Sir Elton - live in concert! - could make up for all of that.

Kerri surprised me and bought tickets after I called her, lamenting the expense and Jesse's lack of enthusiasm, thinking I wouldn't be able to go. Unfortunately, she told me this morning the show has been postponed because Elton John has E. coli and the flu. Even if I have to wait a little longer, I'm hanging on to the hope that my night of extremely catchy ballads is close at hand.


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