Misadventures: The Rain

This morning we had an early doctor appointment to check Miette's weight and get her 2-month immunizations. We got out the door on time and I noticed it was sprinkling as I continued undaunted across the street to grab some coffee before heading to the bus stop. As I exited the coffee shop the increased intensity of the rain concerned me, but I knew I didn't have time to go get an umbrella without missing the bus. Still not too worried, I adjusted my hood and threw a blanket over the baby's head. Within a minute or so, a waterproof changing pad joined that blanket on top of her head - it was really coming down out there! I took the most sheltered path I could find, but once we got to the stop, there was no hiding. I zipped the diaper bag closed and huddled helplessly as sheets and sheets of rain pummeled us. Looking down, I saw several inches of water collected in the outer pocket of the diaper bag, no doubt seeping steadily into the bag, soaking diapers, extra clothes, etc.

Finally the bus arrived and as I pulled out soggy dollar bills to pay, the bus driver said, "This bus is not in service, wait for the next one." During the next seven minutes the rain soaked through my coat sleeves and seams, and a substantial pool of water that had somehow collected on my shoulder/hood cascaded down my front, soaking my shirt and the baby's front side. Given that the bus was about 8 minutes late, it was a true miracle we made the connection to the second bus and arrived at the doctor's on time. My sister came to our rescue and drove to the doctor's office to get my keys, over to our apartment to get the car seat, back to pick us up, and then back to our apartment again so that poor baby didn't have to get wet again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kerri! I promise next time it's at all cloudy, I'll bring an umbrella, rain coat & rain boots - or just take a zipcar. Lesson learned.

Currently we are wonderfully warm and cozy, Miette is sleeping off her shots, and all the wet clothes are hanging up to dry. Soup for dinner, anyone?


Ah yes the joys of public transport! I remember living in Vienna when Daniel was little - and I would be scolded by random Austrian grandmas if he was not adequately clothed for the season!
Glad you are blogging!

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