Misadventures: Introduction

The last few weeks have been a little on the rough side. For starters, the baby had some kind of little stomach bug and a cold. She was spewing fluids from all orifices with alarming regularity, and her nickname shifted from stupid baby to stinky baby. The doctor was worried about her slow weight gain and we were on high alert, but now she seems to be chubbing up just fine. Sadly, her little cousin spent a day or two in the hospital, but is now doing wonderfully, as well. Jesse interviewed for a job - yay! - but later found out they will probably have to rehire someone who was previously laid off - boo. And I went back to work. (Also 'boo' in case you were wondering.)

Last Sunday morning we ended up missing the bus to church, so Jesse rode his bike and I waited for a later bus. After a very late, long shift at work the night before I was running on about 2 hours of sleep. In the middle of the service Miette had an impressive blowout and soiled all her clothes, so after church I hurried to catch the first bus home. I saw the number 73 trundling down the road and broke into a run. Jesse ran alongside me as I desperately fished his keys out of my pocket to give back to him, losing my sweater on the sidewalk somewhere along the way. Once I finally got back to the apartment, I was feeding her when she decided to drop Round 2. Within seconds I was looking down at my lap, my precious baby dressed in mismatched spare clothes, still wearing her little hat and missing a sock. Poop had shot out of her diaper and was smeared down her leg and on the nursing pillow as spit up started to flow from her lips. Milk was trickling down my torso and I hardly knew where to begin. So I sat there for a few minutes and called my sister, who helped me to laugh it off. I can always count on her for that, and with a baby, that's often the best place to start.


Anonymous said…
I feel terrible giggling at your misadventures (especially since I am in the library, and classmates are giving me sideways looks) but the way you describe what can only be called "extremely frustrating" situations is hilarious! It's encouraging to know that you are keeping a good sense of humor about it all.

Tim & Sara said…
yes i'm practically in tears

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