General Updates

On Saturday I am headed to Hungary for the Eastern European/Russian Mid-Year conference for STINTers. Basically, all the people in Eastern Europe and Russia who are doing what I did in Croatia are going to come together for 3-4 days for some fun/rest/encouragement, and I am going to help out. I am really excited 1) to be Carolyn's handservant 24/7 for a week; 2) to see some good friends that I haven't seen/talked to in a while (Allison, Pete, the Kneeshaw family, Graham, and others); and 3) to hopefully be of some value and encouragement to people serving in places and ways that matter immensely to me.

Also, I did (somewhat deliberately) drop the 'B'-word in yesterday's post. And mine does look particularly nice in a tuxedo. But joking and crypticism aside, I am, as they say on myspace and Facebook, 'In A Relationship' and it is quite lovely. In fact, I am so all about him it's basically ridiculous.

So, life is busy and good, and change is afoot. More on that later this week.


Unknown said…
Wow, I've forgotten to check your blog for a while. I guess I was spending too much time staring at the picture on my desktop and then beyond it into the profound blue of your impossible eyes and I think I may have actually located eternity in the happy forest of gleaming teeth that is your smile.
Jesse said…
Wow. And I thought I was two are twitterpated!

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