Attitude Adjustment

Today was a little weird. I tried to quit my job but only half-way succeeded, and there's another important conversation I need to have tomorrow in order to make it official. The day itself was fairly busy and I didn't get home until after 11:00 pm, and when I did I was cranky. I was frustrated about a few different things, and generally feeling a little stressed about all that I need to get done this week when I sat down to check my email before heading to bed.

A very dear friend of mine in Croatia had written me a long note, including a list of things she is thankful for:

"1) that God revealed Himself to me this summer - the best thing that could possibly happen to me

2) for my new birth and being saved by grace

3) for the Bible being a living God's word by which He is directly speaking to us

4) for having a personal relationship with God – the most important thing in my life

5) that God was creating opportunities for speaking trough me to other people

6) for being able to share my faith with friends

7) for all that Christ's death on the cross provided for me and that I can call Jesus my dear Savior

8) for great Christian music which helps me love God more, and sometimes I believe He also speaks to us through music ( currently listening Sonicflood)

9) that ''my faith is like shifting sand, so I stand on grace''

10) for feeling joy and happiness

11) that I'm never alone, but always with God on my side who cares for me and carries me through life

12) that my life finally has a meaning, and a pretty good meaning actually. No more problems concerning what would it mean to live for God's glory! :)))

13) for all that God taught me in this five months, and it's been a lot

14) that I became a member of Christ's body together with other Christians

15) for all new friends I met last year, especially Petra who is my enormous support right now

16) that I was able to forgive _____ which seemed quite impossible ( although things are anything but perfect still)

17) that God changed me not to be a bitter and angry person anymore

18) that God made me want to follow Jesus and serve Him

19) that God put His Holy Spirit in me as my Guide and Counselor

20) that God sent you in Rijeka and arranged that we meet! ;)))))

21) that no matter what happens, we would see each other in heaven

22) that my terrible and never-ending depression ended just in a second – praise the Lord!

23) that God loves me so much more than I can even understand, and nothing can separate me from the love of God

24) that in the middle of the crisis I can hold on to God, for He is always faithful and remains the same forever

25) for finding my identity in Christ

26) for great Christian literature ( I've just read Donald Miller's ''Searching for God knows what'' and am reading through ''Praying God's word'')

27) that often God leads me to read in the Bible exactly what I need to hear

28) that sometimes on Desiring God there's a topic of the day regarding the issue I'm currently dealing with

29) for finding comfort and taking refuge in God

30) that God is sovereign and in control - very comforting!

31) that I learn how to live based on what I know and not on how I feel ( that would be devastating)

32) for Baptist church on Trsat ( hopefully I would be able to attend services regularly, please pray for that!)

33) that I live in Rijeka ( there's nothing wrong with this town ;)

34) for Bible study girls

35) for verses like: Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you

36) that there's a perfect love which casts out all fear

37) that I'm not such a pessimist anymore

38) that God opened my eyes to the spiritual realities

39) that my sister was also drawn to Christ

40) for Jesus being the Way to our Heavenly Father

41) for living in the Truth

42) for having Life

43) for being forgiven and eternally safe

44) for grace being one of the most wonderful words in the world

45) for Internet, because how long we would have to wait for our letters to cross over the half of the Globe?!

46) for sermons I read or listen to

47) that God started the great changes in my heart

48) for always having hope and shining Light in every darkness

49) that God teaches me how to rely on Him and trust Him in all my circumstances

50) for beautiful sunsets I see every day through my window, which is just a glimpse of how magnificent He is

51) that ''the Earth is filled with His glory'' ( I'm singing…)

52) for simply being alive

53) for all the blessings I forgot to mention or didn't recognize as such

54) that there is obviously more things I'm thankful for than things to complain about! ;))))) Hurray!"

It was convicting and humbling to be reminded of how much I have to be thankful for - many of the same things, actually! Now it's time for bed.


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