The Blue Danube

Miraculously, I'm in Budapest. On Friday night I was about ready to head to bed when some complications arose. As I was doing some final packing, I casually asked Jesse if there was anything he could think of that I might be forgetting. It's difficult to cross-check someone's packing job via telephone, but he proved useful anyway when he mentioned bringing my passport. Yes, I would have completely forgotten - scary but true. I didn't find it in the first few minutes of looking, but wasn't too worried.

I got off the phone and began the search in earnest. After about 45 minutes I started to really worry. At about one hour I sincerely believed that I would probably not be going to Budapest, but had to continue looking in good faith. There was a horrible, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I came to a place of acceptance and just figured I had to keep looking even if I didn't sleep, and if I didn't find it and missed my flight I could come home and sleep then. After 2 hours it appeared, in a suitcase I had already checked TWICE before. Ahhh, relief.

And now: to bed!


John said…
I'm glad you made it. Enjoy your time there and give a bridge lion a friendly pet for me.
Matt Mikalatos said…
That reminds me of the time I was about to go to East Asia and then realized my passport was going to expire. What a mess that was.

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