Any Ideas?

Tomorrow I get to go to a wedding. I am pretty excited it about since I haven't been to a wedding in quite a while, and I expect this one to be fun. Except I do get nervous about the dancing. This is weird to some people, since I used to do ballet. But, really, when it comes to social dancing, I am atrocious. Wish me luck tomorrow!

My real question, though, is: what is the best way to 'decorate' a marital getaway car? I may or may not get to participate in any actual vandalism, but will almost certainly give some input. One time I stuck Oreo cookie halves on a car - this was both tasty and effective. Probably my favorite exit-vehicle-adornment-ceremony involved putting a live lobster inside the car, hanging from the driver's side headrest.

Anyway, I would love to hear your stories and/or suggestions, if you have any...


Taylor said…
Well, that's one of my favorite parts of weddings! the car! Well, that and the dancing. (You'll be great.) You need lipstick for the windows, shaving cream for the tires, cans and ribbon for the back. Those are the bare essentials.

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