Last week, while soaking a sinkful of spinach from the farm, I walked in to find this creepy crawler waiting for me. The photo doesn't depict the size very accurately, but it was HUGE and GROSS.

Thankfully I haven't seen any more of these but we've been having a terrible time with ants. They're everywhere! We've got a lot of ant traps out and a strict kill-upon-sight policy, but they just keep coming.


Unknown said…
oh man, we had terrible ants this year, too--until we moved. :) pretty much it was impossible to really get rid of them, but diatomaceous earth was the best bet. also, if they're odorous house ants (they smell funny when you squish them!) then i've heard that squishing only brings more!

also, i've seen one of those things you found in your spinach and they ARE huge and gross. ick.
equipment enthusiast said…
A Ruger Model 44 Carbine Semi-Automatic Hunting Rifle works well for house ants, but the verdict's out on the 'creepy crawly.' Maybe a 6 mm braided polypropylene industrial fishing net, with a 2.5 mm leadline. That may do the trick. Good luck--


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