First Harvest!

Nope, not the name of the neighborhood congregational church. We went out to our CSA farm today to get our first batch of produce. We picked up Tim and Sara's share, too, which means we have one ginormous bag of lettuce and one of spinach. Lots of leafy greens this week.
It was chilly and muddy and I wasn't super excited about going, it just needed to be done. But I felt so refreshed afterward. It was great to get outside, and drive through some nice, almost-rural areas.

Jesse and I both went, so we brought Miette along. She has really started to show an interest in animals, and when she saw the farm dog she was riveted. He was pretty friendly and kept bringing us this deflated soccer ball to kick for him. He licked Miette's face a few times, which she didn't love but didn't hate, either, and she kept watching him the whole time we were there.

After several hours of washing lettuce on and off today, I'm only about a third done - want some of our extra unwashed lettuce? Let me know. Seriously.


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