Hood River

Last week Jesse had to go to Hood River for work for the last time before summer break, so Miette and I went with him. It was a lovely trip and we enjoyed meeting his students.

After business was taken care of we stopped at a winery to do a quick tasting.

Then we went to a park on the waterfront with a great view
across the river and some fun, weird playground equipment.

Before heading back to Portland we stopped at the 6th Street Bistro for a delicious lunch, where Miette nibbled on a tasty lemon wedge and gave us her best frightening grimace-smile.


Tobinlyn said…
It's true, she described it in great detail to me the other day. With such passion, in fact, that I awoke from an apparent stupor and realized how much I, too, love you guys.

You're a pretty great group...
Anonymous said…
zessitibI ,too, am deeply enchanted by you and yours!!love mama
Anonymous said…
ummm, that was the secret code word to post the last comment....sorry. and zessitibi to you too

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