Project: Basement

Over the past few weeks we've started working on a new project as a house: the basement. Our basement here is relatively spacious and roughly divided into two rooms. When we moved in, it became a haphazard, catch-all storage area - handy, but very disorganized.

So far we've managed to move our stored items over to one side of the basement, divided again into two very vague sections for each family's things. Tim set up a nice open shelf area to store some extra baby and pantry items right by the stairs, and also bought a big chest freezer he found on Craigslist so we can do more bulk buying and cooking.

This leaves the other 'room' area to be transformed into the cozy space of our... dreams? It may not be a super posh area when we're done, but we're hoping to make it inviting and comfortable for reading, resting, and for visiting family members to stay in.

I may be able to post a picture of the room overcrowded with piles of boxes if I find it later, but for now there's this picture from last week, when I started washing the walls:

We've got a long list of tasks planned, and I'll be taking pictures along the way so you can follow our progress.


Kerri said…
Can't wait to sleep under that window :)

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