Today was all about household chores. Laundry, cooking, shopping, dishes, picking up toys and clothes and papers, running errands, and other random business to take care of. Not that fun, not that interesting. Living with Sara has been a lifesaver in this regard. Last Thursday I realized I hadn't actually left the house in over 48 hours, so we loaded up the kids and took a walk around the neighborhood. I'd feel a lot crazier if I didn't have her to interact with and share the load. We've put together some systems and schedules for regular chores, and you can rest assured that we make sure the kitchen floor gets mopped once a month, whether it needs it or not. Even with the advantages of helping each other out so much, some days, like today, are just kind of blah, with a seemingly endless list of things to do or organize or clean or put away. Thankfully things almost always seem better the next morning. Probably because of coffee.


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