It's Monday!

The babies have colds, and it's been a snotty, snuffly, whiny few days. But there have also been some fun new developments - Miette is crawling better and better every day, and can now pull herself up to standing using the couch. She has also started making a new face, featuring raised eyebrows and taut lips with her neck stretched out and the corners of her mouth turned down. It seems rather exaggerated, and appears to stem from frustration on her part, but it's pretty funny. I hope she keeps it up.

More good news: from the looks of things Jesse's job should be secure through the end of the school year. The pay cut remains, but he's also allowed to cut back on hours if he wants, so that's kind of a nice benefit.

You may have noticed my April Fool's joke. Good times! Right? Hmm. Anyway, I think my favorite April Fool's story is the one where a tree fell on my mom's house. It was about 5 years ago, and a GIANT tree in the backyard fell during an intense storm and basically destroyed a good part of the upper floor - the kitchen, dining room, living room, and garage. My mom was at work, and my sister was at school in Spokane. My little brother discovered the carnage and made the phone calls letting everyone know what happened, but since it was April 1st, my sister didn't believe it until late that night, maybe even the next day. He was there when news crews and neighbors were swarming around, and tried to convey the drama of it via the phone. "I mean, there's branches all over the place, we've got Connie Chung here, it's crazy!" Unfortunately, it wasn't Connie Chung, but a slightly less-legendary local Asian anchorwoman, who happened to be standing right around the corner.

It sounds pretty tragic, but insurance covered the repairs, and it ended up being a great chance to get some much-needed work done on the house. And my mom lived in a hotel for several months - more on that some other time.

As for all of you, may trees only fall on your homes when you are safely off the premises and well-insured!


Anonymous said…
I completely forgot that it was on April fools day, that the tree fell! Oh yes,not so good times.
Better that you be preggers than a tree fall on your house!!
For me, better a tree fall on my house than I be preggers!

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