That's what we call Miette sometimes (usually when we are irritated), pronounced 'mee-yet-uhrrll.' A few months ago, our insurance company at the time inexplicably began spelling her name with that extra 'RL' on the end. Interestingly enough, it was quite a chore to get them to correct it, and I ended up having to go through my former employer, even though the mistake originated with Aetna! I'll just go ahead and let you know right now that I had (am still having) a terrible time with this company covering a few routine items, and it's completely maddening. I really hope I'm never insured by them again.

Anyway, back to Miette. She's been a little weird and high-maintenance this week, she may be teething (the standard explanation for any 3-18 month old) and I'm pretty sure she's fighting a cold. For such a petite little thing, her mood swings can be very powerful.

Over the past few weeks she has been working hard on standing up and sitting down - she'll just get up and down dozens of times in a row, it looks exhausting. She's definitely getting better at it, although she generally takes a few nasty tumbles every day. Another development is her increased appetite. Solid food has jumped way up in the charts for her, and she's opening her mouth wide for spinach, chicken, and anything mixed with yogurt. Unfortunately, her latest trick is getting her in a lot of trouble: she flips over and tries to stand up about 0.03 seconds after I put her on the changing table - every time. She's very, very strong and very, very fast. Even when I strap her down she can still turn over onto her stomach. So it's a great opportunity to start teaching her the word no, and based on the response so far, I am NOT looking forward to the whole 'discipline' aspect of parenting. Yikes.

But even after all of that, we went to the park late this afternoon and she experienced swinging for the second time in her life. I thought her face was going to explode from smiling so much as she just giggled and twitched with excitement for about 10 minutes straight. It was great.


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