The Seattle Library


Daniel said…
Great shots - I particularly love the overhead with the brightly-colored escalators.

I met a guy through Whiskerino who lives in Seattle. His penultimate photo was a tricky shot in the same library, taken through that yellow circular window:
Unknown said…
Hey Alexis,

You're on my google reader. You can't imagine how excited I've been to see so many posts from you this past week. Keep them and the shots of adorable baby coming!

PS - tell your mom it's okay to stop taking the homeschoolers to the library now.

Alison's mom
Unknown said…
Ha! My mom is funny!

These photos look great! Do you have an awesome camera I should know about? Or just awesome skills?

Thanks for the visit this week! Can't wait for our next visit to pdx
Alexis said…
-Daniel: Thanks, that is a really cool shot of that guy! It is definitely a fun place to take pictures, and basically just walk around in. Jesse and I went there during one of our first dates so this week in Seattle I dragged everyone out there again and we all had more fun than we expected, I think.

-Deborah: Hi!!! Thanks for saying hello, and I'll tell my mom. I'm feeling pretty sane and inspired these days, so I do hope to keep things more consistent around here :-)

-Alison: I'm so glad it worked out to see you this week. Yes, I got a new digital SLR a few weeks ago - I love it and have been going a little crazy with the picture taking. You saw me during a rare moment of calm, normal interaction.
Anonymous said…
Miss Deborah,
Might not this be envy? You've moved to the country, and have to take a horse and buggy to get to the library? Hmmnnn? maybe??
tobin said…
Im on the phone with mom talking about these pictures.

Alexis, mom and I decided to tell you that we think you're doing a fine job of raising the child.

Jesse: Batten down the Hatches! Dance the Hempen Jig well my good man!

all the Love in the world!
Anonymously Tobin said…
Re: 8th picture down.

After extensive deliberation it was determined that the two figures in the photo are in fact examining Northern Europe (perhaps Scotland) and not, as some previously presumed...India.

Consider this a formal complaint lodged.
Unknown said…
I thought Hyderabad was in Scotland

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