From Russia With Love

A few days ago I got a package in the mail. My friend Ashley sent it all the way from St. Petersburg! Back at the post office in Russia the clerk had insisted that the parcel be sent fastened only with twine - no tape. Shockingly, everything arrived intact and unharmed (and still only folded together without tape), although the twine was replaced by a rubber band.

Here's what was inside:

Adorable mittens hand knit by a Russian babushka (grandmother)!

And this super cute and well-crafted doll from Finland.

I love these dolls and can't wait for Miette to get to an age where
she will be able to actually
play with it, not just gum it.

Thank you, Ashley!


Ashley L said…
Ha ha! I am so happy that the package survived and that you like the gifts! We love you guys and wish we could be there to give them to Miette in person! Do you think it would be tactful for me to go and inform the postal worker that in fact the twine was not adequate as was so confidently stated? Not sure that would go over too well, as like I said, she wasn't one to be messed with.
Alexis said…
Ha ha, maybe not. But next time you mail something you can bring in some before and after photos of packages secured with twine/tape/rubber bands and state your case more dramatically. And make sure you video tape the exchange.

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