Back in P-Town

Our first day back in Portland we came across this while walking home from Sunday brunch.

Sara, Jesse's mom Becky, and her husband Mack helped us unwrap and catalog this mound of wedding gifts!

Waiting for the bus...

The fountains outside Keller Auditorium where we went to see Phantom of the Opera for Jesse's birthday. This photo taken courtesy of the self-timer and a public trash can come tripod.

Last Wednesday, we decided to go on a little roller-blading journey (always bound to be an adventure) and our first stop was our very surprised friend Lanai's apartment. Her polished cement floors are perfect for wheelbound citizens.

The other side of the railroad tracks.

Making an example of myself: A warning to those of you who, like me, don't really love getting your picture taken and respond by acting silly/awkward/ retarded/ugly when the camera approaches- all that does is yield pictures like this one. It would have been better to just pose and smile...

Looking down the Willamette toward the Broadway Bridge.


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