Grayland, WA

The other weekend we took a quick trip up to the coast in Washington to hang out with my mom and her friend for a day. It took a lot longer to get there than expected, but it was worth it. We played on the beach, watched a movie, made pancakes, played Nertz, and talked about art - just what beach cabins are made for!

The ocean is cool.

Stop taking pictures and come play frisbee with me!

Stacie using the drive home to get ready for her hot date that night.

Yay, driving is fun...

At least the view was pretty.

We were behind these people for a long time - it was a great day for a convertible!


Stacie said…
Ummm.... I can't believe you posted that picture. Okay, I can, but because of that picture, there will probably be no more future dates. Thank you for ruining my life forever. The end. ;)

Love you guys! Thanks for letting me tag along!
NNA said…
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