Your Inane Deserves Angry

Now, I normally shy away from being too negative or critical here on my blog. I figure most people don't need any more crankiness in their lives. But there are times when, in order to be authentic, I really need to express myself. This is one of those times.

Fred Meyer (Kroger) has an advertising campaign going on right now with billboards and other media declaring: "your best deserves fresh". I know I just put the period outside of the quotation marks there, which may be incorrect, but it seemed important to underscore that this string of words appears without punctuation. Of course, it's unclear what kind of punctuation could be used in such a situation.

I understand that I may be overreacting, but I find the slogan enraging. This noun-free jumble of nonsense taunts me repeatedly. I heard a radio ad for Fred Meyer this week and they neglected to use the phrase (is it a phrase?), obviously because saying it aloud would only highlight its ridiculous futility.

Have they settled for this because they truly couldn't think of anything better? Because they thought it would be just as good to save ink and toss up a few enticing adjectives, hoping they would subconsciously lodge in the brains of listless drivers passing the billboards?

In the words of my husband: I can't believe people exist who were excited to come up with that slogan. Who are you?

*Jesse also came up with the title of this post.


Caitlin said…
The slogan has bothered me as well. I'm commenting mostly because in my aging 20s my eyesight isn't what it used to be and my cursory reading of the fine print at the bottom of the page led me to briefly believe you had typed "Jesus also came up with title of this post." Maybe he didn't come up with it but then again, maybe he did.
Alexis said…
Ha ha ha, maybe he did, indeed.

Your comment is better & funnier than the post. I love it when that happens.

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