The Contest Is Over

Back in May, I mentioned my friend Matt's book, Imaginary Jesus. Well, the publisher (Tyndale House) sponsored a contest based on the book, and I entered it. They recently posted some of the winning entries, and I encourage you to check them out.

Personally, the Grand Prize winner was my favorite, but I was really excited to win one of the other prizes, and my entry can be found here.

A few weeks ago my mom was in town and we went to Powell's (an awesome bookstore here in Portland) just for fun. I ran into Matt's wife, Krista, on the way in and she told me they were there with the contest winner (the grand prize was a trip to Portland, among other things), so a little while later we met up. She was really nice but we didn't talk much. I had some questions I wanted to ask her, but totally forgot as it was more of a quick handshake type of thing. There's no real point to me telling you all of this, but it was fun for me, at least.


amandaleigh said…
congrats, lady. i loved the piece and it was cool to read something you have written that is a bit longer than a blog entry.

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