Hot Water Fail, Fire Alarm Win

After all my complaining about the fire alarms, I was grateful for ours last night.

I came home pretty late after work and I was cold. Thinking tea would be the perfect solution I put the kettle on to boil then sat down in the living room with my sandwich and the computer to show Jesse some things on Failblog.
The shrill noise of the alarm came as a bit of a shock and I looked over toward the kitchen to see flames shooting up from the stove. It seems I turned the wrong burner on and successfully set our potholder on fire. I flung the burning square into the sink to douse the flames, and thankfully we were able to open doors and fan away the smoke before it triggered the sprinkler system.


Krista said…
I did that with a towel a few months ago... The flames were quite surprising.

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