Arctic Blast 2008!!!!!(*&#)*$#@*&(*!&!!!!!!!!!!

Dude! The weather is CRAZY here! And that's not supposed to be swearing in the title - just incredulity. All last week the forecast was for snow accumulation and freezing temperatures, with very underwhelming results. Every day, actually every hour, I was re-checking the forecast hoping that I wouldn't have to go to work. Finally yesterday, my first day off for Christmas, it dumped snow the whole day!

Last night I was supposed to take the train to Seattle, but after sitting on the tracks for 1.5 hours I got skeptical and bailed. Thankfully the lady at the counter inside was able to get me another seat on a 'sold out' train for today at 8:30am. But when I arrived at the station this morning I was informed that all trains were cancelled due to ice on the rails. The train that I was supposed to be on last night did leave shortly after I got off, only to return to Portland a few hours later. An earlier train that left yesterday afternoon had still not arrived in Seattle this morning - 15 hours later!!!

So I am sad to be missing out on time with my family, but very glad not to be stuck in some train for hours on end. I've been passing the time by reading, taking intermittent naps, continuing to check the forecast for tomorrow, baking rolls, and staring out the window. Now it's time to walk to the store for some dinner supplies. And tonight we get to watch the last 2 episodes of 24: Season 1!


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