Last night as we were making dinner, the fire alarm went off. When the alarm goes off in the building, it also triggers the two in our actual apartment, and the noise is really quite piercing. Over the past 2 months, the alarm has gone off 4 or 5 times at least. We remarked that by now, we don't even bother going outside or checking to see if there is a fire - rather the opposite of the intent of fire alarms, I think. Not only is it annoying, but it probably serves to make us less safe. In order to be induced to leave my apartment now, I would have to see billowing smoke and hear screams of panic, most likely.

Thankfully, it has only actually woken us up one time. That is, before last night. Because it went off again at 11:30pm when we had entered that deep, restorative phase of sleep. And again around 12:15. And 1:10. And 1:23. And 2:30. And 3:05. And 3:12. And 4:30. And 5:45. And I am pretty sure a few more times in between. It's difficult to describe how painfully loud and shrill the alarms are, but I could feel the vibrations hitting my ears and it gave me a headache. It was agonizing.

Yet another reason I don't think I'm ready to have a baby yet. I like me some sleep.


Anonymous said…
fyi - that may mean your fire detector needs new batteries. Or if it's a hardwire type, you should pull them down and vacuum, stupid spider webs or dust can set them off. This happened to us a few weeks ago and it freaked Charlie out. Hope you have a better night sleep tonight!!

~Sarah May
Alexis said…
Thanks for the tip, we checked our batteries and the office said that it was caused by a broken alarm on another floor, which they were able to replace :-)

By the way, congrats on kiddo number 2, 6 months late!

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