Let Us Eat Cake!

This summer I've thinking about running a lot, and actually doing it occasionally. A few weeks ago I was contemplating whether or not to head out for a jog and decided against it because it was a little too hot outside. Instead, I promptly drove straight to the grocery store and bought a bottle of wine and a cheesecake to bring home to my roommates. For no reason. It just sounded good. We ate it and had a good time, so there are no regrets, I just wonder if I couldn't have found some middle ground between, you know, intense exercise and consumption of the highest-calorie dessert I could think of.

As a follow up, last week Taylor and Janna spearheaded a roommate hangout time - actually it was the one and only time all 5 of us have ever intentionally gotten to hang out together the whole time we've lived here. Janna made a great little cake and we watched Taylor's favorite childhood movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yay for fun girl time and total denial of wedding-planning stress!


Matt Mikalatos said…
what?! Three days of posting a row. What is going on here?
Anonymous said…
TMNT! Whoa, total trip down memory lane.

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