46 Days

Well, the month of June came and went. It was mostly lovely, as I recall. Life has kept me extra busy lately between wedding planning (a month and a half to go!) and working a lot. It's so easy to type out words and phrases, to inform people: "we're getting married" "I work at a Chinese restaurant downtown" "it was over 100 degrees outside on Saturday" "I donated blood and didn't pass out". Simple things and momentous changes alike can be communicated in just a few seconds.

What's more difficult to share, though, is reality. The depth and subtler characteristics of different experiences. I miss writing - publicly, like on this blog, and more privately, to friends or just myself. Life has been so full and so rich recently, and writing tends to help the important things sink in a little more.

There has been so much to adjust to, so much to learn, so much to enjoy:
  • Preparing for marriage is challenging, fun, ludicrous, mysterious, commonplace, and impossible.
  • Work is both exactly what I need and the bane of my existence, by turns.
  • The church I've been going to down here is wonderful -I really love it- but I also feel like I've been in a spiritual coma for a long long time and am just starting to come out of it.

I could take any one of those topics and write or talk or sit and meditate for days, but instead the hours and minutes keep skipping by and I am left to wake up in the morning wondering how it got to be July already.

Here is one of literally about 3 existing pictures of Jesse and I together, taken at our friends' wedding a few weeks ago:


Krista said…
Matt just kicked you out of his top blog section because of the time span since you last blogged, but I'm so pleased that you wrote on the very day that he did that. We miss you!
Matt Mikalatos said…
With John Rozzelle I always know that his long periods of not responding, writing or calling comes from being emotionally crippled. With you I assume it is because you hate us or that, I don't know, something terrible has happened. Perhaps an alligator has been placed under your bed and bitten you in the shins. Now I see that the real problem is that you have a life, a full life.

On the other hand, I always know that Jesse loves us. His love seems unconditional to me, and I often think of him when I make omelets for my kids. Hi, Jesse!
Anonymous said…
You look lovely, Alexis - I miss you, but am so grateful to hear that you are well! You are adored by many.
Jesse said…
I'm so glad I could help you to provide to the world a snapshot of you two. I didn't realize the rarity of the occasion...but I suppose you'll more than make up for it in August. Glad to hear that your June went well, I do hope that we can hang out once Bethany gets back from Costa Rica on the 15th.
Anonymous said…
Wait...did I understand that post correctly? Are you getting married?

If so, congratulations - if not, I feel kinda silly :-)

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