Miette's Current M.O.

Miette is walking now. Not well, but it’s her new favorite thing and she’s getting better every day. She learned how to stand up unassisted before she started walking so now she’s acting like a little mole – up and down all the time. Most of the time she’s awake, she’s just repeating the following sequence: pop up – wobbly run – dramatic pratfall – pop up again. And when she’s not walk-running, she is often doing this weird super speedy bear crawl – up on her feet instead of her knees. She pauses every few seconds to pick up a crumb/bug/dirt clod/paper scrap and shove it in her mouth. This kid will eat anything, and once she has it you’re not likely to get it back without a sacrifice. Outside we always have to watch carefully for cherry pits from the backyard tree, getting those out of her mouth pretty much guarantees you a bitten finger.

Tim and Sara have dubbed her the Spider Vacuum, and it’s a good description. She’ll be zooming around the room at incredible speed, her butt in the air and arms and legs splayed out, devouring everything in her path while occasionally emitting loud shrieks of excitement. It’s not at all precious, but it is funny.


Tim & Sara said…
I beg to differ, it is so very precious. I miss that little butt!

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