Beulah Beauregard is probably our favorite nickname for Miette, and she definitely lives up to it. (No, I’m not sure what that means, either.) Anyway, she’s developed a few new tricks recently. For a while I was trying to teach her to clap in general, and inadvertently taught her to clap whenever she heard the words, “Yay baby!!!” It was very cute and exciting, but it only lasted for a week or so. She will still do it on command sometimes, but not always. I was pretty happy, since she doesn’t wave or do much else that we try to coerce her into. She did wave consistently for a few days, but then stopped. And for a while she would always shake her head back and forth with me whenever I said, “Shakey shakey shakey.” Even now as I’m typing this I realize I must be a total psychopath if this is really how I spend my days.

At any rate, Miette has been super fun lately. Even if she doesn’t keep performing her tricks very regularly, it’s great to know that she is able to learn to do things if she wants to. Her cousin Calvin has been a confident walker for quite a while now, but Miette just started showing interest a few weeks ago. She loves to come grab any adult hand she can reach and pull the owner along until he/she agrees to help her toddle around. Her legs are getting pretty strong, and if she doesn’t notice that you’ve let go, she can take a few steps just fine on her own. Also, if she is distracted, she will happily stand for 5-10 seconds, but once she realizes that she’s on her own she nervously lowers herself to the ground. It’s funny how cautious she seems to be with standing and walking, while she would happily dive head first off of any couch, bed, or ledge she finds herself on. Last night she was playing with some paper and stood up all by herself without hanging on to anything, so I think the walking may be right around the corner. Thankfully, the house is pretty well baby-proofed already because of Calvin, so we’re ready!


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