Family Evenings at Home

The day after Miette was born, Jesse mentioned that he wanted to establish a tradition of spending time as a family on a designated night of the week, modeled loosely on the Family Home Evening of the LDS church. It happened to be a Monday, so we decided to adopt the actual night, as well as the concept, of FHE and officially begin immediately. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures that first time, but we had a nice time in the hospital room together.

The next week we decided to go to the park across the street. It was a very pleasant evening and we did a little reading, but mainly just laid in the grass. We weren't technically at home, I guess, but it was good enough for us.

Last week things took an interesting turn as we more fully
explored the family culture we hope to foster.

Because we're not actually Mormon, and we've essentially lifted almost everything about the idea from them, we'd like to at least come up with an original term to use, but so far we've just been calling it Family Home Evening for lack of anything better.
If you have suggestions for a new title, please share in the comments!


Tim & Sara said…
I sincerely hope you stick with "Family Home Evening." It has some sort of ring to it and I'm sure the LDS church will appreciate the new ideas you come up with for how to spend it. In fact, I think you should write them a letter. -Sara

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