Birth Day...Fun(?)

After we arrived back home Saturday night, contractions continued unabated. Sara came over and watched Uncle Buck with me while Jesse took a nap. I tried unsuccessfully to get a bit of sleep myself, and we headed to the hospital a little after midnight.
The rest of the night/morning were not so fun for me, and by the next morning around 8:00 or 9:00 I didn't have much endurance left. We decided that after 30 hours of continual labor with no sleep and little food, an epidural was a great option. I was disappointed not to be able to continue with an unmedicated birth, but so relieved to be able to rest a little!

Here's Jesse enjoying some of that relief:

It is at this point in our story that I would like to pause for a moment and explore a small detail. Notice the nice gray University of Portland shirt my husband is wearing.

Now let's go back and observe some of Tobin's friday night birthday festivities:

Above, you'll see Jesse dancing with Tobin's friend's mom.

And here's some of the aftermath.

Same shirt.

It was a busy weekend.

Fast forward back to Sunday. After I took a quick little nap, some more things happened, and as it turned out I needed an emergency c-section. Thankfully, the midwife/doctors were able to foresee this and thoroughly prepare for it ahead of time, so it wasn't a shock to me and didn't feel so frightening. It was definitely a very strange experience, though.

Our baby girl was born around 1:45 in the afternoon on our first wedding anniversary.

She needed a little help with breathing right at first, but was doing just fine before long.

With Grandpa Scott...

...and Uncle Tim...

...and Grandpa Boom.


Thanks for sharing more details and pictures with your trademark wit and style ; ) Love the new header, by the way. I think once you've got Miette all figured out you should really move forward with producing some drawings for Etsy...

Sending love your way and prayers for an evening full of minutes and minutes of sleep!
Tim & Sara said…
Um, that's gross, the shirt part. I know for certain he had time to change before or after his nap, he must not have had the inclination. Little disturbing, brother.

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