Pay close attention to the first photo - it's really all you need to know about life around here these days. :-)


Daniel said…
Great photos, Alexis. Did you get some lighting, or is that just from windows opposite the bed?
Ginny said…
It can't get any more gorgeous than this! Keep 'em coming. Thanks so much -- Ginny in LaConner
Anonymous said…
Love it, they are sooooo cute!

Alexis said…
Thanks all!

Daniel, it's a sliding door to the left of the bed. No lighting yet, alas. Also, I haven't had a lot of time to hone skills lately, but I'm feeling frustrated with constantly producing unfocused photos! I think I need to improve my grip and hold the camera steadier, and maybe increase the shutter speed? It's hard to be bothered with technique when I'm in the moment, but I suppose I'll have to buckle down.

Have you ever had trouble with this? Any tips?

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