Here We Are

I've been so eager to come back to this space and record some of the things I'll surely forget otherwise. But, again, the months have flown by and life is STILL hectic! As I write, I can hear Miette giggling in the other room while she fingerpaints. Yes, leaving a 3 year old unsupervised with paint IS a terrible idea! Thank you for noticing. And thank you, Crayola washable art supplies, for not ruining the furniture. 

This dreamy photo brought to you by: television!

Today we are dealing with a diarrhea bug working its way through the family, an uncompleted tiling project in the kitchen, and I can't remember the other thing but it was a good one. (I literally got up 4 times to assist Miette while working on that sentence.) Oh yeah! Broken glass picture frame all over the kids' bedroom floor. There we go.

This guy's a troublemaker. A cute, cute troublemaker.

Anyhow, we did buy that house I mentioned, and did a ton of remodeling/fixing up, and moved in at the end of July. The house is wonderful, and we are so thankful to finally be living here. Along with starting the journey of owning/keeping/making/shaping our first home, we have had so many fun experiences this summer, but the memories get lost in the stress and fatigue and constant change and adjustment we seem to be living through.

Whatever you do, do not smile.

But I want to slow down and remember to remember. So I'm starting today. Though I can't promise that I'll be back before another 5 months rushes by.


Michelle Elise said…
I love, love, love the amount of jewelry around Miette's neck. I actually used to dress up like that myself. Too cute.

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