Enjoying the Sun

These photos were taken the day before Easter. We visited a beautiful farm with many friends from church and had a wonderful time walking in the woods, hunting for eggs, and picnicking in the sun. (Picnicking? That looks weird, but picnicing can't be right...)

We're surviving and occasionally thriving these days here in the Putnam family. Sebastian is ever-so-active and cute and funny and he's also torturing us night after night with much wakefulness, crying, and wanting to play at 2am. The sleep deprivation is pure misery. 

Miette is generally easier at night, though not always. And during the day my feelings about our relationship vary greatly. I love that she is very funny and always surprising us with the things says and does. However, I feel that 2 1/2 year olds are an acquired taste - one I'm still working to appreciate.

Jesse has been working hard at various jobs and we have felt very busy and a little scattered  - probably partly from fatigue. But the good news is that we are buying a house! And that has been a big part of us feeling stretched thin lately. I'm not good at remembering this, but I am trying to be properly thankful that things really are going so well for us.

It's a small house with plenty of work to be done, and I will gladly share more details once all is finalized and we have the keys. Until then, enjoy spring wherever you may be!


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