I love this boy as much as any mother has ever loved a son. I hope to share more about his first days and weeks some other time, but now I'm focusing on his present little self. 

Sebastian loves snuggling and laughing, he's super ticklish and LOVES to jump and bounce until everyone's arms are too tired to go on, and he is very determined and will get/reach/grab/chew whatever he sets his mind to. 

Technically, he does know how to sleep well and fall asleep on his own, but the past month and half have been tough at night. Colds and teething take a toll on the whole family! So for now he spends a lot of time in bed with mama for easy comforting.

Before long he'll be crawling, but for now he is a champion scooter, sitter, and endurer of pudge-squeezing.
And, yes, we do call him Seabass.


amandaleigh said…
I miss seeing these little faces (and your face). So adorable!

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