A Long Absence

So last week we were up in Seattle before Thanksgiving, and it snowed, and we had a good time, and I stopped blogging. One night I was gearing up to get to work on the computer and I felt so tired and uninspired and thought, "Why am I doing this, anyway?" Then I felt obligated to come up with something even so, because it was my fifth November in a row of doing the post-every-day thing and I didn't want to give up so close to the end.

But I stopped anyway. I figured nobody else would care as much as I did, and I found that I didn't care all that much. It would be better to skip a day or two, I reasoned, than burden poor readers with stupid two-sentence updates about the snow in Seattle and what we did that day with our relatives.

And then one or two days turned into 10 and here we are, now. Nothing tragic happened, nothing terribly interesting happened, and I failed to blog every day in November. And I really enjoyed the break, which makes me think it was a good idea. It's December now, and I think December is a great time for reasonably low-volume blogging because there are so many other things going on.

I hope all of you are enjoying this season of travel and parties and visitors and cookies and snow and advent and carols and so on. Peace out.


Joey McFeron said…
Creativity sometimes needs to just sit in the soup pot on the back burner and simmer while you do something else. As Winnie the Pooh says, "You can't go and get a hum, a hum has to come and get you."
Annamarie said…
Hi there,
Thanks for the nice mention in your previous post. I thought I'd like to actually talk to you. Why don't you write to me at "annamarie@sharinghousing.com"?
I'm sorry you sound so discouraged. I really loved your posting on the moneysavermom site.

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