Declaration of Intent (I Intend To Not Start A New Website)

You may or may not remember that a few months ago I announced my plan to launch a new website with Sara all about multi-family living. Many of you helped us decide on the title through a poll and it was very exciting, yada yada yada. And then I shared how we were all taking a step back to deal with our communication issues and figure out if we could even keep living together. Woah, drama.

Happily, that is all sorted out now and I’m glad to share that we’ve decided to continue co-housing until next summer. Once that decision was made, though, Sara and I needed to figure out what to do about the potential new blog.

Sara is completely maxed out with school and her internship these days, and during this season, a whole new website is not something I’m willing/able to invest a ton of time in. However, co-housing is still an area where we’ve built up some knowledge and experience that might be useful to a few people out there. The thing is, here on my personal blog, I like the freedom to write about whatever aspects of regular life I feel like – sometimes as it relates to co-housing, but usually not.

So my plan for now is to start featuring some of the material that we prepared for the multi-family living site here, but without shifting the entire focus. If you’re not interested in that kind of thing, feel free to skip those posts! I’m also going to put up a tab (perhaps temporarily) to gather the multi-family living themed posts in one place so people looking for that information specifically (and not the rest of my crazy ramblings and oddball baby pictures) will be able to find it. This way I’ll maintain the freedom to just be myself and write about the things I care about, while still offering some of the co-housing info Sara and I already compiled for people who might benefit, and I won’t have to build and maintain a whole new website to do it – yay!!!


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