Suck Cut

Last weekend, Sara asked me to cut her hair. I have never cut a woman's hair before, other than a quick bangs trim or two. Sara has asked me several times before and I've explained my complete lack of credentials thoroughly, so when we decided to give it a go, we were both well informed of the potential disaster ahead.

First, we pored over about a dozen or so pictures of movie stars' cute haircuts while she described the elements she wanted and I formulated something of a plan.

After about an hour and a half, I decided we should dry her hair and see where we were at.
This is where we were:

Jesse came out to inspect, and with a dubious look pronounced: "It's three layers. And only three layers."

I suck at cutting hair.

We went back to work, though, and Sara got heavily involved. Between her, myself, several mirrors and a few different hair cutting and styling tools, we managed to transform it into a much cuter do.

Jesse and I went to the beach for a few days and while we were gone, she made a few more modifications. I think it looks great now, though it may continue to evolve. We'll see if she ever asks me to cut it again. :-)


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