Life is never dull around here. Miette continues to grow and learn new things every day. She's still spitting up a lot and is a pain during the night, but she's also rolling over (and over and over) and is obsessed with chewing on her toes and is getting more giggly and interactive. Today she rolled right into a table leg and got pretty angry about it.

Jesse is now working full time as a teacher with a hybrid-online charter school (I know: what?) as well as part time doing all the music at church. So, for everyone's sanity, I'll be leaving my job after this coming Saturday. This is a good thing overall, but I am sad to be finally saying good-bye to everyone there after almost 2 years.

Of course we just moved, so there are a lot of new things there that we are still adjusting to, and our personal family dynamic will be changing quite a bit, as well, as Jesse becomes much more work-focused and I pick up the slack in the home arena. But the money makes it worth it, right? Hopefully. I am somewhat excited to learn how to be a housewife extraordinaire, but mainly I'm a little apprehensive about our rapidly diverging roles. I did make a quiche for the first time last week, though, so I guess that's a good sign...?


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