It was nice to have a little break from posting while I have continued to try to piece together my shredded sanity. (Work still in progress.) Main culprit? Sleep deprivation. This is an ongoing project, aggravated by a generally slightly-higher-than-average-need baby. But really, if I could get decent sleep, I suppose I could weather the other bumps in the road of life with Miette.

I was discussing our experience with cloth diapering with a friend the other day and it occurred to me that we had consistently tried applying no fewer than 6 creams/substances to Miette's rash over a period of 3-5 weeks. Some helped, but nothing cured. I mean, we love her and all, but whose butt deserves that kind of attention? 6 creams? Really? And that's not to mention the various attempts to strip the diapers of any irritating build-up. Seriously, 58 hours soaking in vinegar ought to dissolve just about anything.

ANYway, she's been awfully cute and fun lately. She started rolling over from tummy to back, and continues to learn new noises and practice them a lot. One of her favorites is an incredibly loud, high-pitched shriek. She just lets it rip from time to time in the middle of conversations with herself. She also does this weird little fake cough 6 or 7 times in a row, with no apparent physical need to cough or clear her throat. After long, troublesome nights with consistent wakings every 1.5-2 hours, she often wakes up incredibly happy and giggly. I find my mood seems to fluctuate just as unpredictably as her personality, and I often end up affectionately calling her little names like "buddy," "little bug," "screechum scratchum," "gumdrop sugarpants," and "crazy ho" all in the same afternoon.

It's hard to remember that this will pass so quickly, and I'm not usually aware of just how fast she is changing and growing and learning. Honestly, I am nervous to find out just how much of a firecracker she's going to turn into, but I'm also really excited. Christmas is right around the corner and I'm hoping she'll slip a little extra night-time sleeping into my stocking. Better not get my heart set on it...


Ashley L said…
I feel for you, Alexis! You are a great mommy, and at least you've kept your sense of humor despite the sleep deprivation. That is key. I'm praying for you!
Joey McF said…
I am enjoying this immensely. I do not have babes of my own, and there is no way to really understand what these early days of infancy are like…unless one were to live in the same house with that baby, or read your blog. I love reading about the day to day slog through the poop and the joy. You are an engaging writer, even with no sleep. Imagine what you will do when you get to sleep again! Starting today I will faithfully pray for more sleep for you!
Anonymous said…
Just so's you know...I never, never, NEVER called you "crazy ho" until you were at least 6 years old! For shame!!!
And also just so's you know? the code word to leave this message was"gingi" ..is that not HILARIOUS?????

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