Christmas Poetry

This year for Christmas, my siblings and I all decided to strive for simplicity in our gift-giving - partially to save money and eliminate waste, and partially to encourage more creativity. Tobin wrapped each of our presents in plain paper embellished with a personalized poem. Some, actually most, of them were fairly strange - some of them were humorous and some very fitting of the person written about. Here are most of them:

Addressed to 'LIN' (my mom's name is Linda), this package contained new bed pillows:

The 'drunken Mozart' line refers to a recent time Jesse's hair was a little wild, reminding Tobin of a disheveled operatic wig:

This one, written for Kerri, is probably the most accurately descriptive of who she is as a person:

And there was one more, also for my mom, which went:

Wide-eyed and crazed with laughter*
Our bosomed shepherd

*Inexplicably, Tobin pronounces (always has) laughter as if it were spelled 'laugh-ture' (laff-tchuur). Just so you know.


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