More Stolen Material

These are direct quotes from essays and tests Jesse encountered over the course of a term a little over a year ago, along with his commentary:

""Published in 1776 Thomas Paine's political tract spread like wildflower over the colonies." Ah yes, but I know something that spreads even faster.

"The Indians were upset with the results of the Seven Years' War because the guys they were kind of rooting for didn't win." Well and vaguely said. Can you picture the Indians in skirts with pom poms? Gooooooo Frogs!

"I like that phrase, you can notice the anger in his words, the way he calls his king the tempered pharoah, I thought that was a good line." Probing analysis.

"women's roles were still greatly lesser in American society" Nice, and you'll get an excellent C- on this.

"The slave trade started growing and the English were starting to get more competition from other countries, leading to slaves in America skyrocketing." I guess slavery couldn't have been so bad because they were apparently allowed to join the circus. I hope they got parachutes.

"This scared the crap out of Southern plantation owners" Bold, vivid word picture. This kind of writing will really speak to the people.

"If I may quote the immortal Kenny Rogers..." That'll earn ya sum extra points, ole buddy.

"One individual against the war was Henry David thorough because he was anti-slavery and..." This, by the way, was a handwritten essay, making the perfect spelling of the word thorough both impressive and scary.

"This act helped Northern Republicans because they could explore their land wester and wester." Thank you for helping me justify adjusting your grade downer and downer.

That's all folks. It was an entertaining term and it's encouraging to see that despite a few exceptions most of these children were not left behinder than might be expected."


Stacie said…
Wow. I am so glad I was able to start my day off with this inspiration! :)

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