One Week and One Day

I arrived back here in Seattle last Tuesday night. I spent the first couple of days with various portions of my family, then went camping over the weekend. It rained A LOT. Then on Monday I started training to take over my sister's job - I was really not ready to start work yet but it just happened that way. She is going back to school this weekend and needed to show me everything this week so I'm not wandering the office aimlessly next Tuesday morning.

Overall, I am tired. Physically, sort of. But mainly mentally, emotionally, psychologically. The first 4-5 days here I felt comfortable, normal, and happy to be home. But the last few days have ushered in an uneasiness, an unsettling foreknowledge of the coming shock waves of re-adjustment.

All of this is pretty normal, I think, so I am not discouraged or depressed, just tired and a little overwhelmed.


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